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Great book if you're working on your 90-97 Miata yourself. 1.6 and 1.8 versions available -Glenn

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Exact fit Replacement
Headrest Speakers for the 90-97 Miata

Now with free crossover capacitors!

FNeed the headrest speaker boxes too? Check out our complete Retrofit Kit!

If your Miata headrest speakers are sounding a bit thin or are buzzing, unzip your headrests and take a look. You might be surprised to find torn cones and rotted surrounds. Or maybe the old factory speakers just aren't up to the capabilities of your modern head unit. Until now, there were no high quality replacements available.

We're pleased to introduce you to the Millennium-5 speakers. Custom engineered by us specifically for the 90-97 Mazda Miata and patent pending, these brand new, high quality Millennium series speakers are the exact size of the originals. These will simply screw into place in minutes and replace your existing, worn out speakers. See the picture below showing the fit in a stock headrest box (not included). Installation literally takes minutes as the fit and screw holes are a perfect match. 

There are no modifications required and no cutting your seat's foam!




Just drop them in!




Detailed specs

(requires Adobe Acrobat)

The Millennium-5's are true premium-quality music speakers and have numerous improvements over the factory speakers including:

  • Much larger magnets than the original factory speakers and are rated to handle a larger continuous 10 watts of full-frequency power each compared to the oem speaker's 5 watts.

Original (left) & Millennium-5

  • Polymer impregnated cones. This treatment helps resist moisture - important in a convertible (we've all been caught in the rain a few times!). The added stiffness also improves transient response and performance.

  • Butyl rubber surround. Most of the oem speakers failed because the paper or foam surrounds rotted away. With the Millennium-5's, the paper  surround has been replaced with a high-compliance butyl rubber surround. This not only makes them moisture resistant, but also greatly increases the low-end frequency response. The Millennium-5's have a warm, neutral characteristic that can be listened to for hours without fatigue.

  • Free Crossover / Blocking Capacitors. Each speaker now includes a 150uf crossover/blocking capacitor to maximize performance and help protect the speakers from damage. A $20 value - free!

  • The frequency response is an impressively flat 
    100 14,000 Hz -3dB.

  • The impedance is 8 ohms which means these will work safely in any wiring combination you might want in your Miata with any radio serial or parallel.

Our customers have installed these in every year Miata from 1990 through 1997 and with every type of radio from the stock oem radio up through high-end Alpine and Blaupunkt HD systems and they sound great. Because of the quality, the larger magnet, and wider frequency response, the sound is far superior to the original stock speakers.

Forget about other vendors that try to sell you loose speakers they tell you to just stuff into the headrests. Speakers without proper baffling (boxes or enclosures) just don't sound good.

If your Miata didn't come with headrest speakers or the speaker boxes are missing, don't worry! We've got replacement kits available that include oem fit boxes. Click here for more information.


When you order you will receive 4 brand new speakers a complete set for both seats.

Still have questions? Check out the Millennium-5 FAQ here.

Read an independent review posted on the forum - click here

Key Benefits

  • Exact fit premium-quality replacements
  • Larger magnet structure for greater power handling capability
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for greater low-end response and moisture resistance
  • Preinstalled 150uf 50v NP crossover / blocking capacitors
  • Wide 100 - 14,000 Hz frequency response for great fidelity
  • Polymer impregnated cones for increased moisture resistance and better transient response
  • 30-day money-back guarantee - just return them in new condition for a no-questions-asked refund
  • 1 year warranty
"My new Millennium 5's sound great - I can't believe those little guys sound so good!!!!!!!!! "
Russ, Ohio

"Thanks for the speakers! They work great, sooo much better than my old ones. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I was very pleased with your responsiveness and the quality of your product."

Luke, Texas

"I just wanted to thank you for the speakers. We just received them today and Ron has already installed them. They sound wonderful."
Ron and Gail, Illinois




Millennium-5, set of 4 - includes (4) free crossover/blocking capacitors.


$ 69.00

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